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Pastor: Dr. Rick Martin

Music Director: Barbara Fuller

Education Director: Liz Canfield

Custodian: Dean Olsen


Dr. Rick Martin:

Dr. Rick MartinDr. Donald R. "Rick" Martin is a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Advance Certified with the National Christian Counselors Association. He has a Ph. D. in Clinical Counseling from Cornerstone University (Shreveport, LA) and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the International Bible College and Seminary (Plymouth, FL). Rick is an ordained minister with Calvary Ministries International. He has been in the ministry since 1974, as a pastor in Michigan, indiana, and Florida, evangelist, Teen Challenge Director, Prison Chaplain for the State of michigan D.O.C. and Pastoral Counselor.

In 1993, Rick became acquainted with Temperament Theology and the National Christian Counselors Association. Intrigued with Temperament Therapy as a Bible-based, Christ-centered therapeutic counseling disciple that provided actual answers and help for people in need of Christian/Pastoral counseling, Rick went on to finish his Ph.D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. Seeing the need for professional Christian counseling in the Charlotte, MI area (where he was a pastor at the time), he left the pastorate and in 1997 opened Jesus Is Lord Ministries, where he has been devoting his full time to providing professional Christian counseling using temperament Therapy. He also provides Temperament seminars for churches, businesses, and other organizations, as well as guest speaking in area churches. This is how he became acquainted with Mayflower Church.

Mrs. C

Mrs. Canfield, Education Director. Mrs. C heads up a fantastic Sunday School program for children of all ages. Classes are during worship times and offer a wide variety of educational opportunnites for kids.




 Prudential Council 2017

Lay Leader: Orilla McHarris
Lay Leader-Elect: Jerry Fuller
Lay Leader-Past: Ann McClelland
Treasurer: Linda Wheeler
Financial Secretary: Laura Anderson
Trustee: Frank Wheeler
Trustee:Susanne Mannino
Trustee: Roger Kennedy
Trustee: Sue Mott
Deacon: Lois Ries
Deacon: Eugene Potts
Deacon: Ann McClelland




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