Mayflower Congregational Church - Lansing, MI

Mayflower Congregational Church - Staff


Pastor: Pastor Mark McCormick

Music Director: Barbara Fuller

Education Director: Mrs. Canfield

Custodian: Dean Olsen


Pastor Mark McCormick:

Pastor Mark

Mrs. Mrs. CCanfield

Mrs. Canfield, Education Director. Mrs. C heads up a fantastic Sunday School program for children of all ages. Classes are during worship times and offer a wide variety of educational opportunnites for kids.




 Prudential Council 2017

Lay Leader: Orilla McHarris
Lay Leader-Elect: Jerry Fuller
Lay Leader-Past: Ann McClelland
Treasurer: Linda Wheeler
Financial Secretary: Laura Anderson
Trustee: Frank Wheeler
Trustee:Susanne Mannino
Trustee: Roger Kennedy
Trustee: Sue Mott
Deacon: Lois Ries
Deacon: Eugene Potts
Deacon: Ann McClelland




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